deputy collector

Deputy collector is a very powerful officer with revenue department in a state in India. Deputy collect ors examination is the biggest recruitment examination conducted my Kerala Public Service Commission.

THE GREAT WILL TO WIN ( Message by Rajeeve C.R )

The role of Deputy Collector (D.C)
The Deputy Collector plays a vital and dynamic role in the administration of a district in a state. He is endowed with great power and responsibilities.

A perfect short cut to Civil Services in India
Deputy Collector’s post is a dream post among the young government employees and job seekers in a state. This is mainly because it is a short cut to Indian Civil Services.

A person gets selected as Deputy Collector gets immediate promotion to the post of ADM (Additional District Magistrate) and RDO (Revenue Divisional Officer). After that the person will be conferred with IAS. Normally a person selected as Deputy Collector will be promoted to the IAS within 7 to 8 years. Then he will be appointed as District Collector.

Some of the well known persons who got selected as Deputy Collector and later conferred IAS are

  • Lida Jacob
  • Kamal Kutty (the State Election Commissioner)
  • Suresh Kumar(Munnar fame)
  • Nanda Kumar.

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